Production Process

From fresh fruit to final product in 10 efficient steps, at El Marwa our growers and processors are committed to delivering the freshest, highest-quality, best-tasting fruit products on the market.Every year we process over 150,000 tons of fresh citrus and other fruits such as strawberries and mangoes in our world-class production facilities.


Production begins when fruits arrive in the Fruit Receiving Area, the most important area of our factory.


First Sorting & Quality Control

During the sorting process, random samples are taken from incoming fruits for analysis in our laboratories to ensure that our raw material meets our quality standards. Rejected samples are returned to suppliers.



Fruits are thoroughly cleaned in an automatic washing system that uses water and pumped air (for tropical fruits) to ensure optimum levels of hygiene and safety.


Final Sorting

Once fruits have been cleaned, they are sorted one final time to weed out any imperfections that may have passed the first screening.


Fruit Extraction

After ensuring the quality and cleanliness of our fruit, the extraction process begins. Peels, stones, seeds, fibers and any foreign bodies are removed, and smooth, pure, pulpy juice is extracted.



We use a JBT T.A.S.T.E. Evaporator to produce juice concentrates or purees by removing water and concentrating flavor and nutrients from the fruit.

The sophisticated equipment allows us to conserve energy and maintain the natural characteristics of fresh fruit.



Once the fruit has been extracted, we pasteurize it to eliminate any natural but potentially harmful bacteria and increase its shelf life. Our juices are pasteurized using the latest technology to produce safe, healthy and tasty products.



We currently use two main types of packaging, aseptic and polyethylene bags in open-top metal drums, to extend the shelf life of our products to a maximum of 24 months. Each drum is labelled by product name, batch number, drum number, production date, expiry date and net weight.



We house packaged products across 25,000 pallets for dry products and 6,000 pallets for frozen products in state-of-the-art warehouses located near our factories.

A sample of each production batch is preserved in our laboratory to document quality and ensure traceability.


Global Distribution

We work with premier international forwarding agents who facilitate customs clearance and delivery of our goods.

We work with our distributors to provide high-quality customer service and ensure that our products reach our customers on time and in excellent condition.