Quality Control

Modern Infrastructure to Support Future Growth

El Marwa’s cutting-edge infrastructure provides us with agility, efficiency and close control over quality throughout the production chain. To ensure that our fruit purees, pulps, and juice concentrates are subject to strict quality control and expert processing, we have put in place the following standards:

  • Fire Fighting System
    Our production facilities are equipped with by industrial automatic fire-fighting sprinkler systems as well as easily accessible fire extinguishers.


  • Warehousing Capacity
    El Marwa has a storage capacity of 25,000 pallets distributed across six warehouses adjacent to our manufacturing facilities in Sixth of October City. We also have access to an additional 6,000 pallets of storage space for frozen and chilled products.


  • Hygiene and Quality Control
    From raw materials to finished products, El Marwa employs certified and documented food safety management systems and good manufacturing practices to ensure that the most rigorous standards of hygiene and production quality are enforced. We are also continually engaged in efforts to improve individual processing steps and overall productivity.


  • Aroma Recovery
    Aroma recovery is achieved by re-adding natural oil aromas to our products. This process improves the organoleptic properties of our products, making them taste identical to freshly pressed juice.


  • Contingency Plans
    El Marwa is a fully OHSAS 18001 certified, ensuring effective internal management of occupational health and safety issues. We also meet all legal requirements to reduce potential accidents and control health and safety risks. Our modern and automated industrial processes are subjected to rigorous quality control methods that ensure safety and improve overall performance.


  • Heating Systems
    El Marwa uses two state-of-the-art boilers to generate the optimum amount of steam needed to produce our goods.