Our Products

El Marwa’s fully customizable fruit purees, pulps, and juice concentrates have numerous applications in the wider food and beverage industry. They are the key ingredient in ice creams, baked goods, dairy products, juices, fruit compounds and blends, and food flavorings.

Our current local and international clients are companies in the EU, the GCC, Asia, and Africa – including some of the largest global beverage and ice cream manufacturers.

Citrus Peel

At El Marwa we try to minimize waste and maximize the use of each piece of fruit we harvest.

Citrus peels leftover from the manufacturing process have a high nutritional value; we distribute them to dairy farms where they are added to feed mixes for milking cows.

Comminuted Citrus Base

This product is manufactured by milling entire fruits or mixing milled peels with juice concentrates.

Citrus bases have a strong flavor and are used as a key ingredient in many fruity drinks.


We recover essences from from the evaporation process and separate them into aqueous and oil phases. These essences can then be reincorporated into concentrates to enhance their fruity flavor.

Both phases are also valuable raw materials used to produce a variety of product in the food and beverage industry.

Pulp or Orange Cells

Ruptured juice sacs and segment walls are recovered after the extraction process to create pulp and orange cells.

These products can be reincorporated into juices to enhance mouth feel and natural appearance.

Peel Oil or Cold-Pressed Oil

We extract essential oil from the peels of our oranges – Producing multiple products from a single fruit.

Our clients in the flavoring industry use this oil to produce flavors used in food, drinks, cosmetics and chemical products.