Industry Certifications

Quality Guarantees

Quality Guarantees

Our Operational Management System is certified under international standards for quality, health, safety and environmental standards. These certifications signal that our products consistently meet stringent international standards and pave the way for us to access new markets. El Marwa had obtained the following international certifications:

  • Food Safety System Certificate (FSSC) 22000

    By employing the FSSC 22000 framework, El Marwa ensures that our employees adhere to the highest international standards for food safety and product quality.

  • ISO 22000

    El Marwa earned our ISO 22000 certification by upgrading our production lines, ensuring adherence to international food safety and quality standards, and creating a healthy and safe work environment for our employees.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001

    El Marwa is a proud user of OHSAS 18001, a highly effective occupational health and safety management system that improves our overall performance by reducing our risk of health and safety hazards and accidents.

  • Sure Global Fair (SGF)

    Approved as an SGF supplier by the International Raw Materials Assurance (IRMA) board, El Marwa is fully compliant with all legal, industrial quality, self-control, and safety standards established in the European fruit juice market.

  • Supply Chain Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX)

    Supply chain management solution SEDEX provides El Marwa with access to a secure online platformfor sharing and viewing information about labor and environmental standards, health and safety, and business ethics.
    In addition to ensuring ethical performance in our own supply chain, El Marwa participates in the SEDEX network by collaborating with approximately 150 other members to reduce risk and improve overall supply chain practices.